Production Process of Powder metallurgy

Mixing→Forming→Sintering→Sizing→Oil Inpregnation→Inspection→Shipping

Compacting process

The compacting process is the process that does the mixed powder a compacting by a compacting machine.
It does the compacting that fillings into a tooling and compress the mixed powder to, about 1/2 of the height toward length.  
Sintering process

Continuous sintering furnace
The green compact placed on a wide-mesh endless belt, slowly moves through a controlled -atmosphere furnace.
The parts are heated to below the melting point of the base metal, held at the sintering temperature, and then cooled. Basically a solid-state process metallurgical bonds between the powder particles and thus provides the P/M parts primary functional properties.

Sizing process

Repressing after sintering may require additional sizing or coining tools. Coining a P/M part reduces its volume, increases density, and improves strength, hardness and dimensional accuracy.
Impregnation Process

As for this product, there are 10-20% of pores with volume.  By doing an impregnation in this pore,  it makes an oil-impregnated bearing and   sintered structural part  with lubrication.