Raw materials of Powder metallurgy

Reduced Iron Powder

The production of the reduced iron powders by Hoegaese method begins from that returns extremely good magnetite by using coke and also limestone as a reducing agent. 
The purified  iron including the pore called the sponge iron is obtained through the long tunnel furnace of 1200
It is the iron powders that milling and sieving and fine reduced powder.

iron ore+coke・limeston→reduction→milling

Electrolytic Powder

Electrolytic copper powder deposited directory on the cathode by the electrolysis method is a typical example of dendritic powders.

Neutralization→ Dehydrating→Drying→Sieving→ Blending

Atomized Tin Powder

A flow of molten Tin passed through a small diameter nozzle is blown off(atomized) through exposure to a jet of compressed gas.

Gas Holder⇒compressor⇒atomizing device⇒ sieving⇒Tin Powder