History of Powder Metallurgy

The history of powder metallurgytraces back it 5000 years ago from now.
That time did the sintering that breaks sponge iron and heat, because the temperature that melts iron was not obtained and was making an instrument
It is the material that becomes steel by the content and become cast iron and have various characteristics when the iron includes carbon.
It is said that manufacture steel with powder metallurgy law around B.C.1000 in,HITITE and was monopolizing a weapon.
It is seen to the photograph in 300 A.D. and the tower of Delhi is made and be existing even if now.  It is the powder metallurgical products of the weigh of 6 tons 40 cm, diameter 7.25 m, the height.

Even the Japanese swordis iron sand the powder metallurgical product as a material.
The constitution that observes hard part, of the edge of a blade and had toughness is able to call it with the high tech composite material that used the nature of iron well.

Even, the tungsten of the highest melting point is the product of powder metallurgy.
Processing tungsten to a thin wire contemporary life is being supported as the filament of an electric bulb.
To in the 1930s the production of oil impregnated bearing began by supply of iron powders of Hoeganeas company and copper powder of Fukuda metal foil powder Co., Ltd.
It becomes in after, 1950 that this manner powder metallurgy will be highlighted as a modern age industry.  The other day, the improvement of pressing machine and sintering furnace were done. As a result The improvement of sintering parts/oil-impregnated bearing was done.
In 1956 becoming,Japan Powder Metallurgy Association is inaugurated.
Production of machine parts has grown with development of the automotive industry and also production of sintered bearing has grown with the diffusion of a household-electric appliances.
In 1986,Japan Powder Metallurgy Association entered upon 30 anniversary.
In 1962 years, of to every 1 automobile in Japan was 1.0 kg the installation quantity of parts/an unit.
About 25 years later, 4 time of 4.0 kg/it was an unit.
In 1996 Japan Powder Metallurgy Association became 40 aniversary.
It becomes 6.53 kg/an unit to every 1 automobile and to total of 85,000 tons of production of Japan.
And 2000 becomes the era of the powder.