Product introduction
Art of powder metallurgy...The hand-made article that is mass-produced.
Oil-impregnated bearing
 The function of the oil impregnated bearing is the few quantity oil, that is not sufficient to a drop (0.05 cc) a big subject to cause specified bearing life fulfilled without damaging, without losing lubricant oil in the closed space. 
 Studying the technology of the harmony of the form/material/microscopic structure/impregnated oil etc. of an oil impregnated bearing.We are promoting development ceaselessly.
In quest of a net shape...
Sintered machine Parts
 A complicated form a sintered structural part is possible and able to omit machine processing substantially and do the substantial rationalization including the cost reduction for a customer to possibility. 
 Various kind of studying material ceaselessly according to, the usage and demand performance of a product we are promoting development.
If it is the production of a high accuracy parts...
Aluminum compression mould
 At present the product by the material of the iron system, copper system,iron copper system are used widely with powder metallurgy.  We developed the sintering method by the material of an aluminum system newly in addition to the material fields of these established.

 By this method , the product of a net shape/ near net shape is obtained and the omission of a machining process produced the replacement of the product that was made with an aluminum die-casting and machining etc. conventionally becomes possible. This material excels in a machinability and possible dry cutting and high density product is able to be manufactured with high accuracy and this material has the characteristic that is excellent in mass production.

 Because having the property of light, corrosion resistance, heat conductivity, electricity conductivity, nonmagnetic etc. that are the characteristic of aluminum in addition to it the replacement of the product that was made with an aluminum die-casting and machining parts etc. conventionally becomes possible. Especially demonstrating the true value to the production of a high accuracy parts, complicated form parts excellent cost performance is obtained.