Bearing and a machine parts
Oil-impregnated bearing
The demand characteristic
as a bearing is being drawn with the various kinds material such as a copper
system/iron systems/iron copper systems.
The various kinds are being produced from the inside diameter of 0.8mm

Stainless steel parts
The lens mounting for a camera/ complex parts of gears and ratchet etc. are produced and are make the most of the mass production characteristic of powder metallurgy. Material SUS304/SUS316/SUS410/SUS430 etc. are able to be selected.

Aluminum machine parts
LBP motor HDD parts etc. are mass-produced as a high accuracy parts from the aluminum powder.The material is supplied with 6000 systems, 2000 systems.  Especially the high density material is the patent material of our company.

Complicated machine parts
The parts of the various forms are produced by the improvement of a tooling and also compacting.
A complicated form parts does not choose a material in addition to an iron system.

Spur Gear